How Carpe Donut NYC Came to Be…

The country air was crisp and the snow had just begun to fall.  The final log was laid on the bonfire that would soon light up the night.  Chestnuts for roasting, check.  Marshmallows for the kid’s s’mores, check.  Eggnog with a little kick for the grownups, check.  A bale of hay for me to pull close to the fire, check.  All is set for the Holiday party….but wait, what is that smell, that heavenly smell.  I look up and through the wood smoke and snowflakes I notice a small red building or is it a truck or a cart.  I can’t quite tell.  It hadn’t been there when I started setting up for the party but now it seems to be where the painfully good aroma is coming from.  I must investigate.  I follow my nose and as I approach, I see it is a cart and it says Carpe Donut on the front.  Donuts!  I love donuts.  Is this really happening?  Is someone making hot fresh donuts at this Holiday party?  As I reach the counter I see a smiling face.  The face must have said something but my primal urges have taken over.  I’m aware enough to know that if I nod, the face will give me a donut so I nod and nod and nod and nod….I’m not sure how many donuts I ate but one thing is certain, I had found a transcendent donut.

After regaining my composure, I discovered that the face that I was nodding at belonged to Matt Rohdie.  Matt and his wife Jen are donut enthusiasts and over the past few years they had developed the donut recipe that had just knocked my socks off.   Of course, we became instant friends.

April 7 2013 025

I wanted to share this treasure with New York.  In 2013 all of the stars have aligned and  Carpe Donut NYC’s red truck is making its debut in The Big Apple!  Carpe Donut NYC sells an apple cider donut that is usually described with sighs of enjoyment.  It is tender and steamy on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside, dusted with cinnamon sugar and infused with the mellow sweetness of apple cider.

We proudly present our donuts to New York City!

Andrew Bozzo



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